At the start of my weight loss journey, green tea was my closest companion, I took it consistently for months.

Actually, I only ever took green tea because when I researched on things to do to help me lose weight, green tea was one of them and I was already familiar with it cos my mum takes it from time to time and it was always lying around in our kitchen.

When I started taking green tea, I didn't actually expect any serious results. 
For starters, I wasn't ready to do any sort(s) of workout or change(s) in my food intake so I just wanted something that would be totally stress free, so I decided to do it as it was easily accessible to me.

I started out by taking it once a day right before bedtime, then at some point I started taking it twice a day, which was a morning and night routine.

At the beginning, I wasn't really noticing any changes, I just entered high school at the time so I was either too busy or too stressed to think much about it.. But after a few months, I started noticing changes, even my friends started asking me what I was doing because I was looking a lot slimmer..  

The results were really shocking and unexpected to me because I was literally eating tons of junk food, like I literally overate every single day (school was stressing me out and I used food to comfort myself from the stress😌, don't judge me!!)

I didn't measure my body parts before I started taking green tea to get accurate details of how many inches I lost because I really wasn't expecting any reasonable results.. So I can't give account of that🤷🏻‍♀️
But I'm certain that my clothes were becoming loose on me day by day. 

A lot of changes happened in my body during this period...

I was close to having a double chin but it totally disappeared afterwards...

My weight was 78kg(172lbs) before I started taking green tea, and after about 3 months of taking it consistently, my weight became 72kg(159lbs).  

So I lost a total of 6kg(13lbs) by drinking green tea, with no exercise, no diet, no reduction of calories.

I can just imagine the heights the effects would have reached if I took it more seriously and reduced my calorie intake as well🤯🤯

So green tea is a great aid for anyone that is looking to lose some pounds, I'm a living proof of that😎

Note - Green tea contains a very little amount of caffeine and should be avoided or taken in minimal amounts for anyone with condition(s) that can be alleviated by caffeine. For health purposes, seek your doctor's consent first 🙂

PS- I made a YouTube video where I talked all about it in detail.. You can head over there and watch it, and possibly subscribe and check out other interesting videos of mine too😍

Watch the video here👇🏻👇🏻

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  1. Nice piece, I take green tea but not often. I've not really considered it as a medium through which I can keep my weight in check but now, I'll definitely be intentional with my intake.

  2. Inspirational! Faith.. Thanks for this.