Why Regular Exercise Is Necessary

Let's be real, 80% of people that go to the gym everyday are only consistent because they have a particular body goal they want to achieve. It could be to lose weight, it could be to gain muscles, it could be to gain a particular body shape and so many other various personal reasons.

The plain truth is that our bodies need regular exercise everyday, regardless of the body weight or size of every individual. Exercise is not just for individuals who might be "fat" or even a little bit "overweight". Each and every single individual needs regular exercise regardless of how thin or fat he or she might be.

Regular exercise does not necessarily mean going to the gym everyday and working out tirelessly for hours. It could be skipping for 30 minutes three times a week, it could be jogging around your house for 30 minutes thrice a week as well. 

Regular exercise is important for various reasons : 

1. Exercising regularly keeps you fit. It keeps your body energized at all times and ready for action. People that don't exercise are usually unable to do some things which a normal fit person can easily do. An example could be running, dancing, swimming, etc.

2. Regular exercise keeps our bodies healthy. It lowers the risk of heart failure and diseases. It boosts the rate of blood flow in our bodies thereby also increasing our bodies metabolism.

3. Exercise helps to lighten one's mood. It regulated some changes in our brains which hello to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

4. Regular exercise reduces the risk of diabetes by increasing the body's sensitivity to insulin.

The benefits of exercise go a very long way, I believe one is not completely healthy without regular exercise. Regular exercise has a way of making you feel stronger and more energized during normal physical activities.

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