Friends Like Gold

In life, I've come to understand that the people around us, the people closest to us matter a lot. Our circle of friends is something we should take very critically. 

No one can survive as an island. We all need people around us. The people around us will in one way or the other contribute to our journey in life.

Truth be told, if you don't have a group of close friends that have similar values as you and are growing alongside you, can support you and be available when you need them and vice versa, you're really missing a lot. 

I personally like to call it a circle of friends.

Having a circle of friends is highly important for anybody that is headed somewhere in life. These friends are the ones that will be your support when you fall, they will correct you when you make mistakes, they will defend you in public and advice and caution you in private. They honour you and respect you.

Good friends are like gold. Cherish them dearly. There is no friendship or relationship without disagreements so don't expect the journey to be smooth all through. 

Disagreements will come, but seasons such as that should draw you closer together and not farther apart if handled properly.

Value the friends you have now, value the friends that you're building with. Some of them might have achieved higher heights than you have while some of them are on their way up, they all matter.

Friendship goes both ways. A genuine friendship is never in the favor of just one person. The efforts should be reciprocal. When one person needs support, the other acts as the support and vice versa. Each person should always be sure the other is still growing progressively.

One simple truth is that the older you grow and the farther you go in life, the less friends you are left with. So carefully take time and pick out those people that will walk through life with you closely and honour them.

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