Trust The Process

We're all running a race in life, we're all chasing something, we all have dreams and things we want to achieve. But some of us don't want to work hard to get there, we want to "BLOW" overnight. We look at people that are already high and up there and we want to be like them but we don't understand that they didn't just teleport to that level.

Life is in seasons, and growth is in levels, don't try to skip the process.

If you take your time to study these legends that we look up to you'll see that they all passed through different stages of growth before they were able to reach the level they're currently at.

Sometimes when we're striving so hard and working to see that we achieve our dreams, it might seem like nothing is moving and we're just at one spot. The truth is that we're growing, we're moving, even though it might not be so significant but the important thing is that growth is in progress. 

One thing we should all know is that at those periods when we're not yet "THERE", that's the time for us to acquire every knowledge, discipline and endurance we need which will actually keep us going when we actually get there. 

You have to be well equipped to be able to handle the level of success that is awaiting you.

Imagine giving a 5 year old boy a Mercedes Benz; He obviously will not know how to handle it and he will either use it to harm himself or destroy it within days. That's the same way some of us will be if we get the kind of things we wish for right now.

It's totally fine to dream big but be sure that you have the capacity and the discipline to handle the amount of success and responsibilities that come with it so that when you attain that success; you won't destroy it with your own hands.


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  1. Success doesn't really have a pattern, hard work and so many other factors can help in meeting our targeted achievements.

  2. You hit the nail on the head dear. Very nice write-up.