Beauty Comes From Who You Are (5 Things That Make You Beautiful)

As humans we feel insecure about many things, mostly about how beautiful we look.
But we've failed to understand that beauty comes from within.
If your beauty is dependent on all the external things, just know it's never going to last because you'll keep on looking for the latest make up accessories, the latest Nike shoes or the latest Gucci shirt to look beautiful.

Being beautiful starts from;
1. What you do
2. How you behave
3. How you react to situations
4. How you respond to people
5. How you treat people

All these summed up will give who you are. If you can understand this, then you'll stop looking for the latest make up kits, the latest Gucci bag or any of the material things that enhances our physical appearances.

So take time and work on yourself, on your character, on how to relate with people, your attitude and reaction to things.

Makeup kits and good dresses are great but let them just be a plus to our beauty which is already flowing from within.

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