2 Major Ways Your Friends Can Influence Your Tomorrow

A lot of people take the word 'friendship' for granted. Most people keep friends because they feel they just need people around to support them, to hang out with, to keep each other company, etc. But that's not all there is to friendship.

The friends we keep have a lot of influence and roles to play in our lives which can be either positive or negative.

Two major areas in which our friends can influence us are :

Our Lifestyle

The friends we keep have a lot to tell on how people see us in general. A popular saying goes; "Show me your friends and I will show you who you are". For example, if the people you call your friends are people that love to smoke, drink or do drugs, then people that meet you will automatically see you as someone who smokes and drinks as well.

The same goes with our character; if your friends are people that have the attitude of being  rude, saucy, arrogant, those attitudes are bound to leak into yours as well.

Whatever lifestyle your friends keep is the same kind of lifestyle you will end up with. Make friends with people you can emulate. Don't befriend people that practice lifestyles you're not comfortable with.

Our Growth

At this point we already know that some kinds of lifestyle can not foster growth in one's life.
Personal growth is one aspect of our lives which shouldn't be left neglected. In order for us to grow consistently and positively, we need to have friends around us to help in our growth.
No man is an island, you can't possibly learn everything in life on your own or with just a single friend.

As humans, we grow in different spheres of life such as our career, business, mental, emotional, spiritual and social growth. Without good friends around us our growth can be slow or even stagnant.

Be careful with the people you call your friends. Pick your friends wisely. If you don't like a particular lifestyle, then don't make friends with people of that kind of lifestyle. Our friends are not only there so we can have people we can have fun regularly with, our friends should be people who can mentor us, people who can support our visions and goals. Your friends should have similar mindset as yours so as to understand your visions and goals in life and help in advising you.

If your close friends don't understand or support your goals, they're bound to discourage you and draw you back from taking some necessary steps. They're bound to lead you to making wrong choices due to lack of understanding.

I believe that the kind of friends I keep around me will determine how far I can go in life.

Make friends with people that will add value to you, people who will help you grow positively, people who can correct you when you make mistakes and advice you in the right way.

Surround yourself with people that challenge how you think, people that don't just sit and hang  around you but people that push you to explore your potentials and do greater things.

Make friends that you can grow with, friends you can learn new things from, friends that can motivate you to pursue your dreams.

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