My Weightloss Journey

Ever since I started becoming matured, ever since I started thinking for myself, I've always been a very self conscious person, I was so conscious about my body size, shape and all of that, but the one thing I was most conscious about was my body size. 

Like every time I saw a lady with a killer body looking all fit and nice I would get so jealous and start feeling insecure about myself. I've grown up always wanting to have a very nice slim and fit body with all the curves in the right places of course 🤪. My reason for wanting to be slim and fit is not because of the attention or the nice compliments and admiration that come along with it.. While growing up I was an extremely shy person and the thought of having so many eyes on me was terrifying enough.

One reason I wanted to be slim is because there are a lot of activities I enjoy doing that would be much easier and fun if I were slimmer. One of those activities was sports. I've always enjoyed doing sports right from when I was little, also I'm someone that likes to be very active. I actually played football back when I was in high school. I also did other sports like javelin, shotput and marching. I was considering going into short distance races as well but my body was so not prepared for that so I didn't bother.

Another thing I've always loved to do right from childhood is to dance, I'm very passionate about dancing, even though recently I've not been doing it as much as I would love to. So being a little bit on the big side makes me quite uncomfortable when I dance, The heaviness and less flexibility because of my size doesn't really allow me to carry my body like I want to and move as fast and as skillfully as I desire to. So the extra fat and the unfit body was hindering me from doing some of the things I love to do. 

Also I'm currently in college studying Nutrition and Dietetics and I've come to understand that being fat or living an unhealthy and unfit lifestyle can have a lot of bad effects on our health in general. So if not for anything else, exercise and fitness is very important for being healthy and strong. 

When I got into college, which was in early 2018 I officially began my weight loss journey. I added a lot of weight over the holidays and I wasn't happy with it. When I started working out I was very inconsistent and lazy with the whole thing. I struggled with my eating habits, I was very inconsistent with my workout routines and everything. 

I also realized that my body also accumulated fat reeally fast, it was like I could feel myself adding as I ate. It was like I couldn't even eat like normal people do cos I'll just blow up within days. I remember there was one day where I took ice cream and suya(peppered roasted meat) at night and by the time I woke up the next morning I literally felt a bit bigger and heavier.

So from 2018 when I started trying to lose weight, I've lost and added weight more times than i can count because I was never really consistent with it. Throughout that period I succeeded in losing about 15 pounds.

I've actually made a lot of progress so far and I'm very grateful for it. But nevertheless, I've still got a lot of work to do and I hope my journey is going to inspire a whole lot of y'all to keep pushing for greater results, both in fitness and other spheres of life.

I'll be sharing a lot more things about my weight loss journey as I've become more consistent and committed to it. I have a YouTube channel where I talk about these things and a lot more, do me a favor and check it out through the link below 👇🏻.

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