Standards Over Goals

It's great to have plans and set goals, but when you've accomplished all the goals you've set, what next?

I'll give an example. Imagine that I'm a very rude person and I have a meeting with a group of people that I really want to impress and I've set a goal that I'm not going to say any harsh or rude word to any of them. And then during the meeting I keep myself in check for that short period of time and I succeed in wooing them without letting my harsh attitude leak out to them.
After I've accomplished that goal, what will happen next?
It's simple, my harsh attitude (hypothetically) will automatically resurface once the meeting is done with.

Here's my suggestion, set goals, but before you begin to do that, have a list of standards that you live by.
A standard is a system you've created for yourself in which will help run your daily life efficiently.
Standards help us accomplish all our goals while still living an awesome life. An example is making a  decision of working out every morning, that way you will accomplish the goal of losing weight and staying fit and healthy all at once rather than just working out to lose some weight and then ending it there.

It is easier to achieve things when you already have a list of standards that you live by. So rather than just setting daily goals for ourselves, we should first of all make ourselves good and positive standards that we will live by. If we follow those standards consistently, we will unintentionally achieve our goals and a lot more than we ever planned to achieve.

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  1. Your absolutely right, with standards our goals can be achieved regardless. I didn't know your a wonderful writer let me rush and check your other articles.

  2. Yes, standards are systems and systems are great tools for achieving whatever we set out to achieve including our goals.

    Systems are proven strategies that have worked overtime with proven results which someone can also duplicate to get a similar result.

    Great piece you have here.

  3. You're absolutely right. people find it harder to achieve set goals if they don't already have standards that are in line with those goals. Keep up the good work