We all have dreams, we all have visions of things we want to achieve and heights we want to get to. But majority of us keep giving ourselves excuses everyday about why we haven't started going for what we want.

Along the line during our period of procrastination, we meet people that have worked hard and have disciplined themselves and have come to a certain point of achieving their goals to a reasonable extent and we begin to admire them and feel guilty and wonder why ours is different...

We begin to think that these people were more fortunate than us or they had better opportunities  or they had more spare time..

The amazing thing here is that most times after feeling guilty and feeling all motivated and charged up from someone else's achievements, we say to ourselves that we're going to start doing something, we sluggishly manage to make a little effort for a day or two and then we go back to giving excuses.

Most times we talk ourselves into believing flimsy excuses of why we cannot do things that are important and required of us. We keep saying that we have no spare time or there aren't enough resources but this isn't true.

The truth is that there will never be a time when you'll be free enough to do something, it all depends on your priorities and the standards you've set for yourself.

If you really want to do something, no matter how difficult or time consuming the task might be, you'll find a way to do it.

In cases such as when we feel there aren't enough resources such as money and equipments, work with the little resources you have, as time goes on more resources will become available.

Make your choices wisely and start doing something about your visions!

Have a lovely day😃

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