Don't Hate, Be Motivated

Life gets hard.
Sometimes we strive so much and work so hard and yet we feel we're not moving anywhere. Our efforts seem useless. It seems like no matter what we do we just aren't progressing in life or in some particular things.

It gets worse when the people running the same race around us do little or nothing compared to the efforts we've made and are achieving more than what we have achieved.
Situations like this can be very discouraging and frustrating.

But one thing you should know is that, when you see that people around you who are also aiming for similar things as you are  are progressing faster than you are regardless of the fact that you're making more efforts or the same amount of efforts that they're making, don't relent, instead be motivated.

Look at it from the positive side. See it as a motivation, because if someone who is doing the same thing as you is progressing then that means your success isn't so far away any longer.
Discontent is the first necessity of progress, just trust the process and keep pushing.
Don't give up when situations like this comes up, instead learn from them and keep pushing stronger.
Don't look at it as bad luck. Don't use it as an opportunity to envy or hate the person.
You can never tell when your hard work is going to hit it's peak and overflow with unimaginable success and results.

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