Do It Before Its Too Late

There comes a time in each and every one’s life when it suddenly dawns on them that they’re growing up, you realize that times have changed and you have to start taking responsibility for your life. You start feeling uncomfortable in our parents house, you start worrying about your future and wondering how we’re going to become successful in life.

It’s worse when you’re at that junction of your life when you’ve hit your twenties or you’re about becoming a graduate and you realize that you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to do with your life when you graduate. 

It’s no news that a lot of students in universities aren’t actually there because they want to. Most of us are either there because it’s required of us by our parents or because we want to earn an income with our about-to-be-earned certificates. Most students don’t actually have passion or interest in the courses they’re studying.

I personally am not a fan of white collar jobs; don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with white collar jobs, it’s just not my thing.

My point is, we shouldn’t wait till when we hit 25 or when our parents start asking us serious life questions before we start thinking about our future. If you’re already in a university and you’re studying a course you DON’T have passion for; its not the end of the road yet; your passion and interests can still be discovered (if not discovered yet) and you can still go into what you really want to do. 

Truth is, it will not be easy to combine two responsibilities (such as academics and chasing your dreams) at once but its totally possible. All you need is focus, discipline and determination, you can handle it.

Don’t postpone it till when you feel you will have more free time, start NOW; the longer you wait, the later it’ll be to start.

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