Weight loss is like a puzzle.
It seems easy at a glance but the moment you attempt to do it you discover it's way more complicated than it looks.

Have you ever embarked on a weight loss journey and got stuck somewhere along the way?
Well, since you're here now then I guess the answer might be a 'Yes'😏

I have passed through so many hurdles on my weight loss journey and I've learnt a lot over the years which has given me a lot of confidence in myself and I am out to help and guide other people seeking for a stronger and healthier body they will love.

To succeed in weight loss, you have to first forget the actions and make a plan that will serve as a guideline in your journey.
It's beyond waking up on a random day and deciding to hit the gym or pass the soda or pizza.

To make a solid plan that will help you to lose weight and MAINTAIN it, you'll need to ask yourself five(5) questions :
1. What is your goal?
2. Why do you want it?
3. When do you want it?
4. How can you get it?
5. What if something happens?

I'll be breaking them down singularly :

1. What Is Your Goal?
You have to think hard and know exactly what you really want to achieve. 
You should also make sure you have a measurable sign that will act as an evidence when you accomplish this goal. 

Eg; If I have a goal to make better grades, I'll know I've achieved it when my results show up and i have straight A's

If your goal is to be slimmer, is it to lose 5 inches on your waist? Or to be slim enough to fit a particular dress size? Whatever it is, make your decision and WRITE IT DOWN!

2. Why Do You Want It?

There should be a reason you want this body goal. It should be something unique to you and not just because other people are doing it. 

Know that there is no wrong or right answer here, as far as it makes sense to you then it's perfect!😉

3. When Do You Want It?

There should be a time frame attached to your goal. When do you want to achieve it? This should be very realistic and achievable too. Don't think you'll perform some magic tricks and get it done in just a few weeks😆

Having a time frame attached to achieving your goals will help you stay motivated and stop you from procrastinating.

I hope you haven't dropped your pen and jotter😏

4. How Can You Get It?

This is the biggest part of the plan and this is where the action comes in. 

Your "how" should be connected to your 'goal'.

This is because the actions you will take are what will determine if you will achieve your goal or not. 

Another part of the 'how' is how can you make it easy and how can you be consistent with it?

A lot of people fail to be consistent in their weight loss journey because they're trying too many things at a time or they're overworking themselves.

It's exhausting to keep up with so many things at once and switching up your workout routines frequently won't help you achieve your goals fast either.

5. What If Something Happens?

Don't be scared😆  I'm not saying something tragic could happen to you while working out😅

What I mean here is what if you don't achieve your goal by your deadline or what if you have to travel(and not be able to go to your regular gym) or what if you can't go to the gym anymore (maybe because a pandemic arises or there's a storm outside)?

Literally sit down and think of every possible thing that could happen and possibly stop you from carrying out your planned actions and back each of them up with what you could do to keep going.

When you do this, excuses are thrown out of the window and you're well equipped to start and stay through your weight loss journey. 

I made a YouTube video where I explained in more details how you can do all of this properly, check it out here👇

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  1. This is spot on informative.
    An amazing read, I must say.
    Started my fitness journey last year, at this point not really to lose weight but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have been following your tips and it has been helpful. Thanks.