Overcoming Social Anxiety - My Story

Ever since i was little, I've always been the very shy and quiet girl that is always reserved and in her own little space. You could say I was an introvert.

I used to be very shy and nervous to simply walk in public because I always felt extremely uncomfortable at the sight of eyes darting towards me as I walked along the road. The only thing that brought me comfort in such situations was walking with a friend because it distracted me a bit from thinking about the people around me. It was so bad to the extent that atimes I would forfeit going to some places simply because I had no one to walk with to reduce the nervousness in me.

I also used to be very shy to talk one on one to people; I don't necessarily mean approaching  someone and being the first person to talk, I mean I literally couldn't stand facing the eyes of someone talking to me face to face regardless of how close or familiar I was with the person. It was even worse when it was a group of people, it literally felt like I was on a sort of high and mighty stage with thousands of eyes staring at me waiting for me to make a statement. It freaked the hell out of me.

Most people thought I was just an introvert or I was just shy or didn't like making friends.. Little did they know that it was way beyond that.

As time went on, I realized that the whole anxiousness in public had nothing to do with the people around me but everything to do with me. I realized that I shouldn't feel uncomfortable just because someone is looking at me from across the table; it doesn't matter whether that person is thinking negative or positive things about me.

All I needed to do was to control my thoughts and focus them on important things and totally forget about what people think or don't think about me.

The fact is that 80% of people that you come across during your daily activities are busy thinking about more important things than how good or bad you're dressed or how your posture looks or any of those irrelevant stuff we think people might judge us about.

In fact, most of them don't actually see us when they walk past us or even when they look towards our direction.
Put yourself in their shoes, when you walk along the road, do you busy yourself admiring and staring at people and judging how they're dressed or their body posture or how bad their shoes are or any of those things?

It was when I realized these things that I got over social anxiety, and I think you should tooπŸ˜ƒ

I hope this helped someone. Please leave a comment down below if you can relate.

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  1. This is a nice piece. Thanks for sharing your personal experience, it'll surely help someone

  2. This is superb!!!

    Whoa!.. What a powerful message here, most times we go about life thinking about people's opinion about us whereas they're engrossed in their day to day activities. That shows how powerful the human mind isπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience too. This will help alot of young people

    1. Thanks dear
      I'm glad you understand my point of viewπŸ˜ƒ