Consistency - The Pulling Force

I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with that word. I’ve heard and seen so many quotes and sayings regarding the power of consistency and how it is a major key to success.

Anthony Robbins quoted - It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, it’s what we do consistently.

Back then I never fully understood the whole fuss about being consistent and I never got the opportunity to practice it until recently.
I workout everyday, I do different varieties of workouts regularly which include jogging, skipping, etc but the major thing I do daily is skipping(jump rope). When I started working out, I was quite a slow skipper, at that time I could do only 20 skips at a stretch, that’s without stopping, after which I would begin to breathe heavily and gasp for air for a while before continuing. In each workout session, I could do just about 200 skips. After a while of regular skipping, the numbers began to climb, and right now I can skip between 100 and 150 without stopping to gasp for air and in a complete workout session I finish with about 1,500 skips.

So you see, without consistency you may not move forward; inconsistency makes our growth stunted. 

Lets say for example, you wish to build up muscles in some parts of your body and you’ve given yourself a task to be going to the gym every Monday to Friday. Then you went to the gym on Monday, Tuesday and then gave some excuses on Wednesday and Thursday, then went again on Friday and gave some more excuses the next Monday and Tuesday. The results you would get after being inconsistent would be quite low compared to what you would have gotten if you were consistent.

The same could happen in so many other cases which could be in your business or something you’re learning.

To be consistent you have to discipline yourself to do what is right and necessary at their appointed time. It’s easier said than done though but the fact still remains that if you have a goal to achieve, you have to shake off that laziness and get out of your comfort zone and consistently discipline yourself to do the necessary things at the right time until you get to your aim.

Sometimes when we are consistently working hard trying to achieve a goal, it seems as though nothing is moving, we feel like we’re just doing everything in vain and its a complete waste of our time. Don’t give up, things are definitely improving but you just might not notice it yet, so stay strong and keep pushing.

Love from me to you..

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  1. Consistence is indeed the pulling force.
    Thanks dear!