A Passion Driven Life

A lot of people take life for granted. People live their lives like its a mere video game, they wake up everyday and do things as they come like a routine. They live life daily without any purpose and let anything that crosses their path leak into their lives and become a part of their lives.

They do things just because they feel like doing them at that particular moment, they do things just because everyone around them is doing it, they do things because their friends are doing it; they do things because it was a mere suggestion from someone around them.

As we live our lives daily, we should have something that drives us to do what we do, we shouldn’t just do things because its trending or because people want us to. We should have values and dreams which constitute the passion that will drive us to do things daily.

Do not let your life to be based on your momentary emotions or on the trends of social media or on the suggestions of friends and/or family. Don’t force yourself to fit into lifestyles you don’t enjoy just to ‘flow’ with the crowd.

Create values that you will live by. Have priorities, have boundaries for yourself, love yourself, live your dreams, do what makes you happy, let your passion be what drives you daily. Don't let people's judgements be the reason you're not doing what you love.

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  1. I love the content a lot of people actually do thing basically because of others or even emotions for me it isn't bad sometimes but ... It needs to be controlled to avoid doing the wrong thing