Self Love - The Path To Complete Happiness

Sometimes in life we get sad or depressed over some situations or some circumstances that surround us and it reduces our self esteem. Sometimes it is due to physical qualities we think we need to attain, sometimes it could be due to financial needs, personal needs, emotional needs, etc.

At a point in my life, I used to be quite unhappy with myself, I used to feel incomplete, I felt like I needed to be perfect for people to like me and to be happy with myself. I was always comparing myself to people around me. It got so bad to the extent that it began to make me feel sad constantly and worthless compared to everyone else; I started to look down on myself. I was always feeling like there was something that needed to be corrected in me, both physically and otherwise. I was quite good at shielding my emotions from people, so people barely noticed how I was feeling except those really close to me.

That feeling of low self esteem lasted for a while till I came to understand that no one is perfect on earth. I began to see that those flaws which I was seeing so clearly in myself were not even noticed by other people; even the little ones which were noticeable didn’t matter to the people that cared for me. The feelings were just in my head.

The truth is that we shouldn’t live our lives to impress anybody. No matter how much you try to please everyone around you, someone somewhere will still find a flaw in you. Our lives should not be dependent on what others feel we should be; be it our friends, our parents, etc. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take advice from people; I just mean that we shouldn’t base our decisions and actions on the judgement of people. 

Care less about what people think of you and more of what you think of yourself. Do what makes you happy, appreciate yourself, pursue your dreams; never think you are incomplete, have unshakable faith in yourself to become everything you want to be and never compare yourself to other people; instead look up to people you admire and learn things from them to make yourself better(not because you have to fix something in yourself, but to attain new knowledge and grow)

Understanding this is the first step to self love. If you don’t understand that you don’t need to please everyone to be happy then you'll never be able to love yourself. And if you don’t love yourself don’t expect anybody to love you. Don’t live life thinking that people owe their love to you; be content and happy with yourself. You will be frustrated and disappointed if you are hoping on the world for love. Also, you can’t give what you don’t have; if you have no love for yourself there is absolutely no way you can love someone else. Even the Bible says in Mark 12 : 31

…..Love your neighbour as you love yourself…

ENCOURAGE yourself, BELIEVE in yourself and LOVE yourself. Spend time understanding who you are and NEVER try to be someone else.

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